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Frequently Asked Questions


How to find information in the Past Exam Papers Collection

There are 4 ways to find information in this collection:

  • search for keywords
  • access exams by title
  • access exams by year
  • access exams by unitcode

You can search for keywords that appear in the text from the search page. This is the first page that comes up when you begin, and can be reached from other pages by pressing the search button.

You can access items by title by choosing the title pull down option.

You can access items by unitcode by choosing the unitcode pull down option.

You can access items by year by choosing the year pull down option.

You can browse by same particular fields by selecting theBrowse tab. Title brings up a list of exams in alphabetic order. Unitcode brings up a list of past exam papers sorted by unitcode.Year brings up a list of exams sorted by year.

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How to search for particular words

From the search page, you can make a query in these simple steps:


  • Specify what field you want to search eg unit code or just leave it as Keyword to search everything
  • Type in the words you want to search for
  • Click the Search button

Search terms

  • Past exam papers defaults to searching for AND For example, the query

  • ACC100 2005

  • will be treated as

  • ACC100 AND 2005

Advanced Search

Choose any combination to search.Eg. part of the title and the year to search.

Advanced search

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How to read the documents

You have two options

record View like a book with bookreader (This does not allow saving or printing.)

bookreader Click on the doc.pdf to have full pdf access (printing and saving)


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